Why Create A Virtual Race Fundraising

Why Create A Virtual Race Event With Peer-To-Peer Fundraising for Your Charity.

Since COVID-19 arrived in the U.S., charities have struggled to adapt to the “new normal.” So much of charitable fundraising happens through in-person events, all of which are now serious public health risks. Adjusting to a virtual fundraising landscape has been easier for some, and nearly impossible for others. In this article, you will learn why create a virtual race event with peer-to-peer fundraising for your charity.

Nonprofits without the savings or support to invest in custom virtual platforms were left in the dust as soon as COVID-19 hit. Many of them, relying solely on recurring big-time donors, had to close programs indefinitely. This not only hurt the nonprofits but the thousands of people who rely on charitable programs for their livelihoods. 

This all changes with JustMove. We’ve created an affordable platform to host peer-to-peer fundraising through virtual races. If these terms are new to you, don’t worry. We’ll explain the entire process from start to finish in the next few sections, and give you ideas on how you can resume your charity’s fundraising efforts, COVID restrictions or not. It’s time to discover why you should create a virtual race fundraising event! 

What are virtual races? 

Those familiar with charity race programs may be wondering, “How could you ever host a race virtually? Isn’t the whole point for the runners to race each other in real-time?” This is a great question because it poses the primary problem charities have faced throughout COVID-19. Virtual races are typically not utilized for fundraising because there have been very few avenues to ensure logged times are accurate and cheating doesn’t occur. 

With JustMove, we offer smartwatch or bracelet integrations that allow for real-time racing as well as flex-time races. As the hosting organization, you can select a specific day and time for participants to log into the JustMove app and begin racing, or you can have them sync their time to the app over a matter of days or weeks. Our advanced integrations with the Apple Watch, FitBit, and other smartwatches ensure that times are accurately recorded and participants can run the distance on their own route. 

Virtual racing through JustMove also gives your runners access to a leaderboard and personal results tracker. They can track their times during training and challenge friends to compete virtually as well. It’s the best of both worlds for runners who still want to challenge themselves while staying socially distanced. 

Virtual racing isn’t limited to COVID-19 either. It is becoming a very popular option for charities to fundraise because it increases opportunities for more participants to race. Those who could not otherwise attend due to scheduling or geographic limitations can now help you fundraise.

Learn more about the JustMove virtual racing app for individuals.

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the process of having your race participants fundraise for you, rather than simply fundraising through sponsorships and registration fees. In peer-to-peer fundraising races, your runners can host silent auctions, create donation websites, or simply ask for donations from friends and family. This not only reduces costs on your part for fundraising but can create more community impact for the fundraiser itself. 

JustMove makes it easy to fundraise using this method. For your custom virtual race website, we create donation pages for individual participants in addition to collecting their registration fees for you. They can share these pages on social media to connect with donors, and the funds go directly into your JustMove account. There is no simpler solution for virtual race fundraising than JustMove. 

This is why you should create a virtual race fundraising event! The virtual race fundraiser can become a staple for your nonprofit with JustMove. Looking for more reasons to sign up? Contact one of our team members to ask questions or request a demo.