What We Maintain with Virtual Races

In the last articles on the Transition to Virtual Racing, we talked about the many ways in which virtual racing changes the racing experience for the better. Not only does it lower upfront costs and administrative hassle for organizations, but it creates a more flexible experience for the runners themselves. However, there are elements to in-person racing that many runners and organizations are afraid of losing in the transition. 

At JustMove, the traditional race experience is important to us. We value the competitive spirit and want to bring that to our virtual platform. We also understand that event organizers need certain elements of race fundraising to stay the same in order to succeed. Here’s what we believe are the most important core values of racing that we will always maintain in our virtual platform:

We maintain the elements of fundraising.

So many charities and nonprofit organizations rely on races as part of their annual fundraising. Without these fundraisers, many nonprofits have struggled during COVID-19 to maintain their  critical services. We bring the ability to host races back through an easy-to-use and affordable platform that can help you get back on your feet. All of the elements of traditional or peer-to-peer fundraising are possible through JustMove. In fact, we make it easier to host your race by offering a no-setup fee model that only changes fees once you have registered runners. By maintaining the core aspects of fundraising and eliminating the costs, we can make it easier for you to hold annual races no matter what the circumstances may be.

We maintain the simple registration and timing process for runners. 

Runners don’t want to enter a virtual race (or any race, for that matter) if they have to jump through hoops to register or record their best time. JustMove customizes your registration page to be as simple and user-friendly for participants as possible. Runners can also connect to their Garmin, Suunto, Apple Watch, Health, Polar, Fitbit, or other smartwatch to record their time on-the-go. This ensures fair racing practices and offers both real-time and flex-time racing options. 

We maintain sponsorship opportunities.

JustMove also makes it easy for you to incorporate sponsorships into your campaign. Sponsors are increasingly hard to come by since online marketing has become the #1 priority for most brands. However, by sponsoring a virtual race, you give businesses the opportunity to market online through your virtual race. It’s the best of both worlds for you and your sponsors. 

We maintain your ongoing goals and marketing efforts. 

JustMove provides advanced analytics and fundraising tracking to ensure you’re meeting your targets with an upcoming race. We make it easier for you to market effectively through social media, and can help you stay on track with peer-to-peer fundraising goals. JustMove is a long-term solution for race planning — not just one for the pandemic. 

We maintain the fun and competitive spirit of racing. 

Some runners worry that virtual racing won’t create the same feeling after crossing the finish line that traditional racing has. However, as active users of our app, we know that virtual racing can be as fun, if not more fun than traditional racing. Runners can set up custom routes and let friends know where they’ll be at certain times of their race. Some choose to create their own finish line, or livestream via GoPro to bring friends and family along for the ride. And, even without these added elements, virtual racing still provides the challenge and fitness motivation as traditional racing for runners of all experience levels. 

We strive to maintain the integrity of the traditional race while creating new opportunities for runners and event organizers. Next, we’ll talk about the added benefits of using JustMove for your virtual race planning and execution. If you have questions about the JustMove platform or options for event organizers, contact us today.