What Changes with Virtual Races

Virtual racing is still new to the world of sports, and is even newer to many nonprofits and event organizers. They have surfaced in popularity along with many other digital tools to keep us connected during COVID-19. But, there are a lot of elements to racing that virtual platforms change for us. So much of what is required for traditional racing can be changed and improved with virtual racing platforms.

Change, though intimidating, is also good. It allows for us to grow and compete in a new digital age, and gives runners the opportunities to participate in events that were inaccessible to them a few years ago. At JustMove, our goal is to change racing for the good with these improvements to the way races are organized online: 

We positively change the way the race is experienced for the runner. 

Virtual races offer so many more opportunities for runners. Instead of being limited by the weather, their work schedules, or simply inconvenienced by that long port-o-potty line, they have the ability to make the race on their terms. The JustMove app allows friends and competitors to race each other in real-time or flex-time races and track their personal training results. This can help ease first-time racers into the activity, without all the pressure to perform on a traditional race day. Virtual races might not have the same ambiance as traditional race settings, but we believe this can be a positive change for many. 

We change the way nonprofits and event organizers earn. 

JustMove makes it easier to raise money and manage registration fees on a single, easy-to-use online platform. Instead of building a website yourself, JustMove will help you create your virtual race from scratch with all of the integrations needed to start earning immediately. Our platform also makes it easier to fundraise using peer-to-peer fundraising solutions. Runners can share their donation pages conveniently on social media and share their progress with friends and family. This motivates them to fundraise and provides you with a simpler process for collecting your funds. 

We change the way you market your race. 

Traditional methods of marketing, including direct mail and word-of-mouth, are still highly effective for virtual racing. However, they can be supplemented by online and social media marketing for even greater outreach. JustMove’s mobile-friendly platform makes it easy for your organization and event participants to share on social media for faster sign-ups. 

While virtual racing changes quite a bit, there are still many elements we are able to maintain through the JustMove platform. We’ll talk about those next in the Transition to Virtual Racing article. However, there is so much more to learn, so visit our solutions page for more info!