Virtual Races as a Profitable Alternative to In-Person Races

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for nonprofits across America. The onset of COVID-19 and event shutdowns across the country proved catastrophic for nonprofits relying on annual fundraisers to continue their programs. While many of them received assistance through the shutdown, it wasn’t enough for some nonprofits to continue their important work in communities that needed it most. 


Charity races and fun runs were majorly impacted by this “new normal.” In 2020, many organizations resorted to cancelling their races due to a lack of resources for hosting socially-distanced events. However, with 2021 bringing the same challenges, many organizations are choosing to adapt rather than cancel another season. 


Virtual races, in which participants run their own routes and upload times virtually, first emerged as a temporary alternative to in-person races. However, because of the many advantages they provide to both the runners and the organizers, they are likely here to stay. Not only do they allow for a more flexible and customizable race experience for participants, but virtual races are significantly less expensive to host than traditional ones.


For an in-person race, even a small local 5K, the upfront costs for hosting are tremendous. Organizations must plan and budget for: 

  • Permits from local government and police
  • Permission from local landowners or businesses/municipality to use the space. 
  • Race staff (even volunteers have costs including food, training, and swag from the event)
  • Toilet and water stations
  • Postal and printing services for event marketing
  • Route equipment rentals


However, with a virtual race, you don’t pay for any of these expenses. Runners can sign up online, plan their own route, and upload their own time using a smartwatch or bracelet like the FitBit or Apple Watch. Virtual races also offer the opportunity for flex-time races, where runners are given a deadline to finish their race instead of all coordinating on the same day. Runners can participate all over the country, and on their own schedule. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


JustMove was founded as a virtual racing platform for friends to challenge each other and motivate each other to move. Runners can track their times and complete in real-time or flex time races to see how they measure up to other part-time athletes in their community. However, we realized that this technology could help more than individuals step up their game. This same platform was the ideal solution for organizations looking to host their canceled races online.


With JustMove, organizing your virtual race is easier and more cost-effective than ever before. We work with you to create fully automated virtual race websites with simple sign-up, time or mile recording integrations, and a community leaderboard to maintain your race’s competitive edge. We also design personalized web pages for you and your runners to share on social media and earn more money for your organization through peer-to-peer fundraising.


The best part? There are no up-front fees.


We believe that all nonprofits and organizations should have access to these powerful tools. To make JustMove accessible to organizations of all sizes, we will set up your virtual race FOR FREE. We simply take a percentage of all registration fees, so you don’t have to spend before you start earning.


JustMove is committed to making your virtual race a hit. We can help you achieve your fundraising or revenue goals in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. Even though COVID-19 isn’t here to stay, we plan to offer virtual racing as a long-term solution for profitable charity fundraising.


Click here to learn more about our virtual race setup process and the benefits of using JustMove for your next race!

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