Top 5 Secrets to Engage Participants so Your Virtual Events Never Fall Flat

A shocking 80.2% of event organizers were able to reach a wider audience with virtual events in 2020. And that trend isn’t going away. Virtual events fill a gap and open up learning and social opportunities for those who otherwise may never have that option. But, virtual events aren’t always, how should we put this nicely. Fun. They aren’t always fun. Don’t worry though. These five tips can help you see more engagement from your participants on the next virtual event you host.

1. Pick the Right Platform 

When you plan a virtual event, the platform you use is the most important key to your event’s success. Pick a platform that works specifically with the event type you’re hosting. 

For example, a concert needs a different platform than a brunch date or a fundraising race. The right platform will have the qualifications and tools you need to make your event successful. 

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2. Don’t Forget the Swag

Have you ever signed up for an event just for the swag? When you switch to a virtual event, don’t leave the swag out. Promising your participants’ gift bags can encourage how many people sign up in the first place. It’s also a great way to make people feel more welcome towards you and your event. 

Include gifts from sponsors, t-shirts, and anything with your brand logo or other cool swag. Take the money you save from hosting an in-person event and use it to mail out swag bags.

3. Make Sure Participants Can Participate

You’re hosting an event to get engagement from your audience, right? Then let your audience engage! 

Make sure the tools you use to host your event let your audience engage with the hosts. Can they ask questions? Can they engage with each other? If it’s an active event like a run, is it easy to track their progress?

4. Consider Your Event Length and Spacing

When you host an event in-person, you need a designated place for guests to gather and rest between events. 

If you’re hosting several events such as speakers at a conference, consider a home “lobby.” This is a place where you can post event details and let your participants engage with each other. 

Make sure your events are long enough to cover topics but short enough to hold your audience’s attention span. In between events, make sure there’s enough time for guests to stretch, get a snack and get ready for the next event.

5. Make Sure You Have an Easy to Find FAQ

A thorough and easy to use FAQ can save time and energy for your participants and the people working hard to make the event happen. Make sure you have an easy-to-follow guide to join any event, how to participate, and any other questions your guests frequently ask.

Don’t Let Your Virtual Event Fall Flat

It doesn’t take much to make a virtual event fun, but you do have to make it a priority. Make sure the platform you use is user friendly, your events are properly spaced, and your participants feel welcome and appreciated. 

When you follow these tips, your virtual event is sure to be memorable. 

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