The transition to virtual races: what we add (article 4 of 4).

Here is the last of a series of 4 articles that consider 4 aspects of making the transition to virtual events.

Article 1 – What we eliminate
Elements which are no longer needed in a virtual event.

Article 2 – What we change
What must be adapted to digital functionalities.

Article 3 – What we maintain
Proven customer experience formulas and business dynamics.

Article 4 – What we add
New elements that are specific to virtual events.

4. What we add: new elements that are specific to virtual events.

Here, we envision different participant interaction scenarios that may be available through an event management platform linked to a mobile application. With such tools, you will be able to configure and customize all aspects of the organization of your virtual event.

You can even use gamification techniques to keep participants engaged and responsive. The tools already exist to provide an exceptional experience that participants will cherish and remember for a long time.

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For example, you could write accompanying texts that the platform will turn into audio messages to be broadcasted at will (depending on time, distance, location, performance, etc.) such as:

  • A word of welcome, some usage tips, information during the event, congratulations on arrival, a closing word and a big thank you for your participation.
  • Include a description of the cause and its beneficiaries, highlight your partners and sponsors and even broadcast tasteful advertising messages during the event.
  • Design accompanying audio scenarios that adapt to the unfolding of the event (eg a message of encouragement for each km completed) and / or background music.
  • Virtual coaching that supports and motivates participants during the warm-up period or while they are running to help them have fun or improve their performance.
  • Commentary on the unfolding of the event, live audio animation, debriefs, “Did you know …” information and even pop-up ads.
  • Data on the relative positioning of participants, their ranking in real time, information specific to the profile of each participant or his group.

Obviously, this is just an overview of what is possible with cutting edge technologies to help you organize your virtual events.

Keep in mind that technology will never replace human interaction and the sense of satisfaction participants get from having fun while supporting a worthy cause.

As you will have noticed, a lot of the elements in this series of 4 articles have to do with how you will communicate with your participants. It really is the benchmark that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can also integrate these concepts into the organization of your Live events… or why not offer both options? After all, it is what we add that makes the difference.

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