Removing Barriers with Virtual Races

COVID-19 has moved the entire world to the digital space. Everything from your office meeting to your doctor’s appointment can be held online, and even those of us who were unhappy with the “new normal” are beginning to see the possibilities of virtual connection. However, we still crave a sense of adventure. We still want to be active, be healthy, and to be able to connect with our communities on a personal level.

Virtual racing is one such way we can do this in the digital age. While in-person races for charities or organizations are not practical right now, many are switching to the virtual race space in order to hold their annual fundraisers. Even after COVID-19, we believe the virtual race trend is here to stay. It offers runners the ability to connect and share their progress with a like-minded community, while enjoying the luxury of planning their runs on a more flexible schedule.

Virtual racing eliminates much of the hassle, cost, and barriers that in-person races hold. Below are some of the ways JustMove eliminates these barriers with a simple-to-use virtual racing technology:

We eliminate the upfront costs entirely. 

Traditional racing requires an incredible upfront cost, no matter how small you plan the event. The hosting organization takes on the responsibility of blocking off the route, providing a race staff, getting the required permits, and providing runners with water and bathroom facilities for the entire day. With virtual racing, the runner can run their own route free of cost. And, with JustMove, we only charge fees after a successful registration. There are no upfront costs for your organization to use our platform, and we offer the design and setup service for free! 

We eliminate geographic restrictions.

Most runners are limited to the races within their city or county, with the exception of serious racers in major events. If a city or county does not offer a race event, or if the days do not align with the runner’s schedule, they miss out on the opportunity to compete. However, virtual racing can be set up with a flexible schedule so runners can race on their own time and from all over the country. This provides access to races that some runners would never have otherwise. This also opens up doors for your organization to raise funds from participants all over the country.

We eliminate health & safety hazards during COVID-19.

This is essential until COVID-19 precautions have ended and states can open major event venues again. In-person races are prohibited in some states, and throughout the country they are considered risky. Virtual races on the other hand are 100% safe and at the runners’ discretion to maintain social distancing on their route. 

We eliminate high costs for runners.

Races, whether for charity fundraising or for commercial purposes, often have a very high upfront cost on the part of the organizing body. This translates to high registration costs in most cases. However, virtual races offer lower upfront costs, and the savings can be passed down in part to the runners. They will also not have to pay for travel, parking, or other costs associated with race day. 

Eliminate barriers to access for smaller nonprofits without the budget to host an in-person race.

The upfront costs and government permits required to host an in-person race can make it impossible for smaller organizations to host them. Virtual racing, however, is accessible to everyone. Because JustMove charges their fees after registration, you can begin planning and organizing your race with zero upfront cost. This is an ideal fundraiser for new charities without the funds to host a traditional race.

JustMove makes it easy to eliminate the hassle and cost of in-personal racing, while maintaining your fundraising goals and the fun of competition. However, there are other changes that virtual racing can bring to your organization that we’ll talk about next. 

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