How To Value Sponsorships In Virtual Fundraising Events

Sponsors are the backbone of your event; they are the ones who help make your event become a reality. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to recognize them before, during and after the event. Here are some ways you can thank your sponsors for investing in your event.

1. Mention Your Sponsors And Their Services In The Emails You Sent Out

Sponsors are critical to the financial success of your event; they are the ones who are making it happen. When you send a series of emails to your potential donors, do not forget to mention your sponsors’ logo somewhere in the body of every email you write. It will help sponsors’ brands win acknowledgment from your donors and potential donors. Also, remember social media shoutouts, driving traffic to their social media page or website.

2. Highlight Your Sponsors During the Race

Our JustMove platform allows you to integrate commercials throughout the race. Ensure each sponsor gets multiple mentions during the race, allowing maximum exposure based on the sponsorship level they chose.

During the planning of the event up until the time of the race, do not overlook your sponsors. Showcase their logos on the race website. Oftentimes sponsorship levels differentiate whether a sponsor will get a clickable link or a static logo; either way both give exposure to those who have invested in your virtual race.

4. Include Mix-In Promotional Videos

Whenever and however you promote your upcoming event with JustMove, do not forget your sponsors; include them in all our promotional videos and graphics. Our platform offers the ability to integrate your sponsors throughout the event.

5. Reveal Your Attendees To Your Sponsors

Part of your sponsorship packages can include sponsors receiving access to the names of the race participants. This can allow them to market to those who may be interested in their products and services. However, if you are providing access to the names of the participants, there should be a disclosure.

Sponsorships In Virtual Fundraising Events

Choosing the right sponsorship benefits, and multiple sponsorship levels, can ensure you secure enough sponsors to raise funds from the event. During a traditional, live event sponsorship dollars are intended to cover the cost of the event, and the attendees are the “profit”. Because of JustMove’s low startup costs, sponsorship dollars can create a lucrative revenue stream for any organization.

There is so much to gain through virtual racing with JustMove. We hope you’ve learned a lot, and are ready to start your own fundraising campaign with us. To learn more, visit our Solutions page or schedule a demo today!