How to Transition to Virtual Events in 5 Easy Steps

Virtual events are up 1,000% since the pandemic hit. Schools went online, employees started working from home, clubs switched to zoom, and much more. You’ve probably attended some good virtual events, and some bad ones too. So if you want to plan your virtual event, such as a fundraising race, how do you get started and how do you make it successful? Here’s a step by step guide to ensure you’ve properly planned your virtual event.

Step 1: Plan Your Event

As with any event, planning is the first step. What sort of event are you hosting? Who will sponsor, who will MC, who’s in charge, and most importantly, what’s in your swag bag?

Okay, that’s not the most important. But thorough planning of your event, whether virtual or in-person is the most important step to a successful virtual event. 

One thing to consider: a virtual event can attract a much wider audience than an in-person event because you aren’t limited by the location. Do you want to open up your event to a wider community or keep it local?

Step 2: Pick a Platform to Help

Many platforms have options to get together virtually, either one-on-one or in a group of hundreds or more. Facebook may be great to catch up with family; YouTube could be good for an open-invitation event. Many classes and meetings happen on Zoom. 

But each of these platforms is typically best for one type of event and needs multiple platforms integrated to make the event happen. 

For example, we work to turn your fundraising races into virtual events. With JustMove, we make it easy to host a virtual race with everything you need, from distance tracking to announcing winners. We have integrated technology that makes it easy for your participants to participate.

Step 3: Find Sponsors

Most likely, a good chunk of your income will come from sponsors for the event. The good news is most companies spend about half of their budgets on just digital advertisements. With a good digital platform, it’s easy for sponsors to contribute to your events in a way that’s more engaging than standard in-person ads. 

And just because your event is virtual now doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your free t-shirt and other goodies. Your participants will feel appreciated when you send a swag bag their way.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Virtual Event is User Friendly

If you acted with due diligence when you picked your platform, this step shouldn’t take too much more tweaking. If not, you might be in trouble. 

To get engagement with your virtual event, you need to make it easy for your participants to understand the platform and participate. Can they ask questions? Is it easy to check-in? Can they speak with other participants? 

You put a lot of effort into making an in-person event easy to follow. It’s just as vital your virtual events are user friendly too. Even a thorough email explaining useful features on the platform before your event can boost your engagement. With JustMove we do the heavy lifting for you.

Step 5: Promote Your Event

Time to get the word out! Get your event in front of your audience, whether that means flyers around your town or a Facebook ad to your target audience. Make sure you promote with plenty of time for people to plan for your event.

Virtual Events Are a Safe and Effective Way to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Races

When everything else has transitioned to virtual events, your fundraisers can find success by going virtual too. As with anything else, you need to plan your event and find sponsors. When you switch to a virtual event, you must pick the right platform that can give you a user-friendly experience. 

So start planning early, research the platforms that can help your race succeed, and promote your event. Virtual events are now a part of our daily lives, and proper planning can help you succeed. 

Ready to plan your virtual fundraising race? We can help. Talk to an expert today to get your fundraiser running.

There is so much to gain through virtual racing with JustMove. We hope you’ve learned a lot, and are ready to start your own fundraising campaign with us. To learn more, visit our Solutions page or schedule a demo today!