Benefits of using a virtual event management platform.

Adding a virtual component to your current business model complements your value proposition by integrating new options to reach more participants.

This article is all about the benefits of a virtual event management platform. In the future, nothing prevents you from organizing an event in person and at the same time offering its virtual version (if appropriate). In fact, the two types of events can be operated in perfect symbiosis.

Thus, you will be able to:
  • Streamline and automate your organization, promotion and marketing processes.
  • Reach different types of clientele and eliminate geographic or physical limits.
  • Systematize event organization activities and reduce turnaround times.
  • Suggest new types of events or different themes to your audience.
  • Organize several events according to the seasons instead of a major event once a year.

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Furthermore, by using a virtual event management platform, you will greatly simplify your planning, organization and implementation processes.

  • You eliminate the uncertainties, expenses and delays normally associated with the development of a new business model and the many technological and logistical integration challenges that are sure to arise.
  • You will develop new sources of revenue while enjoying increased profitability based on eliminating most operational expenses of live events.
  • Using a virtual event management platform allows you to:
  • Promote your cause and / or showcase your involvement, impact and social commitment.
  • Leverage new online marketing and monetization strategies and systems.
  • Access tools, training and coaching to improve your expertise and performance.
  • Increase awareness and visibility for your event / cause within the community.
  • Build email lists by market, by type of event and by participant profile.
  • Possibility of increasing the scope and impact of your events without risks or constraints.

That’s not all…

When the time comes to organize and promote your live events, you will already have a host of strategies and features that you can adopt and adapt from your experience of hosting virtual events.

The platform will allow you to manage in-person events, communications and marketing processes. By standardizing your business processes for both types of events, you will gain in performance, logistics, planning and management capabilities.

Now, you’ve seen how to benefits from a virtual event management platform. In short, you will have access to an array of strategies, technologies and functionalities to ensure the success of your live and virtual events. Looking for more reasons to sign up? Contact one of our team members to ask questions or request a demo.