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5 Unique Benefits Of Running Virtual Events

People are choosing to switch to online events, due to COVID-19, and the trend is expected to continue. Although organizations are choosing to do it thinking it’s their only option right now, given the considerable social distancing restrictions, they are finding it’s easier and less labor intensive. Here are five unique benefits of running virtual events:

1. Scaling Down On The Budget

There are various benefits of hosting a virtual fundraiser. The online world is where our future is. The most important advantage to switching to online events is that it is less expensive to host. You eliminate the expense of booking a venue, food vendors, pamphlets, tickets, and live entertainment. You can organize a successful virtual event on a minimal budget. Minimal budget — maximum benefits.

2. Widening The Scale Of Reach

It can go global, so to speak. When you are organizing a physical event, you can invite a limited number of people within a limited radius. On the contrary, you will not have to book an event space or be limited by people who are nearby and available the date of your event. Widening your reach can endear new donors to your organization, and allow them to find new ways to plug in.

3. Virtual Fundraisers Provide You With Enough Data To Conduct Another Similar Event

Once you get people registered for your event, you have access to the data they have willingly disclosed to you. You can use it on an ongoing basis allowing you to understand more about your donors. Using the database of names enables you to determine what other events they would participate in, and find other ways to engage them. Accumulating data provides a plethora of insights into your donors giving habits, interests, and demographic information.

4. Gaining Quick Feedback

Whether you are doing something for the first time or the tenth time, you need to take feedback from the attendees and guests, and use it to improve your events. With JustMove, it becomes easy and convenient for the organizer to collect feedback from the people who were present in your event. Feedback immediately after the event keeps the opinions fresh and usually provides the most complete information, allowing you to improve, tweak, and change sponsorships, times, and much more.

5. It Can Go From One-Time To Regular

Allowing first-time donors to join a virtual event can help them become familiar with your organization, nurturing them to become monthly sustainable donors. Believe it or not, there are so many people looking for the right people who can be a bridge between those who have needs and those who come alongside to meet those needs. If you are successful winning their confidence, they can donate to you on a regular basis.

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