fundraising campaign

5 tips to make your fundraising campaign successful!

Looking to start your own virtual fundraising campaign? Here are five tips to make sure you reach your goals, all the while having a good time!

1. Bring people together with a common objective.

Make sure to clearly define the mission of your fundraising campaign. Everyone should know WHY and for WHO they are raising funds. Who will the money go to? What will it be used for? Having a clear mission is essential to bring people together around a common goal and ensure donors’ trust.

2. Set realistic and achievable financial goals.

What is the financial goal of your fundraising campaign? Choosing an ambitious, but realistic amount is key to motivating fundraisers. Setting the bar too high could cause people to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

3. Choose the right fundraising platform for your campaign.

Make sure you choose a platform that makes it easy for your organization and participants. This includes the registration process for fundraisers and the welcoming of donations in a safe manner. You should also be able to feature your sponsors, as well as support and interact with your fundraisers throughout your campaign.

4. Make it easy to donate.

It is essential that the donation process be as simple and easy as possible. Make sure donors quickly know where to go to make a donation, and that they don’t encounter any technical problem. Transactions must be 100% secure and you should be able to accept all types of credit cards.

5. Motivate your fundraisers and make it fun!

Providing your fundraisers with their own, personalized fundraising page will help motivate them to get donations. Make sure they’re able to easily share it on social media and to all their contacts. Following up and sending them reminders is also a great idea. You can even encourage them to make teams and fundraise together!