5 Benefits Of Using A Virtual Event Management Platform

If you are looking forward to organizing a virtual fundraising event, you want to choose a platform that makes it easy for your organization, your sponsors, and your participants. JustMove has taken all three users into consideration and created a platform that provides many advantages. Our custom landing pages allow you to integrate participant registration, sponsorship recognition, event details, and collecting funds.

1. Your Events Are Highlighted Online

Using JustMove makes it easy to spread the news of your event across the globe. With a winning combination of our custom landing page, created specifically for your event, and social media channels, you can expand the reach of the organization.

2. You Can Welcome Live Donors

Through the JustMove platform, you are able to collect registration payments, funds from donors who are supporting them, and interact throughout the process. During the event, the donors can even watch the participants and their progress, making it very interactive. Real-time updates make it fun for everyone!

3. You Can Expect More Registrations

Because your event is virtual and you can host it at a set time, with a flex time, or cumulative, you’re able to make it accessible to more participants, thus getting more people to register and raising more funds.

4. Updating Changes Becomes Much Easier

Inevitably every event requires changes after it’s announced. By using JustMove’s online platform to host your virtual event, updating everyone with changes becomes easier. JustMove has served event organizers and understands the frustrations; everything we provide makes it easier for an event organizer to host a successful event. With real-time changes, there will be no element of surprise for the participants.

5. Everything Can Be Handled Via One Source

You do not have to rely on multiple sources, all the arrangements can be done via JustMove. It is equipped with advanced technology to handle multiple tasks all on one platform. There’s absolutely nothing that would make an event organizer scurry; everything can be done smoothly.

When choosing a platform, there is so much to gain through virtual racing with JustMove. We hope you’ve learned a lot, and are ready to start your own fundraising campaign with us. To learn more, visit our Solutions page or schedule a demo today!